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Albuquerque appointed as President of Madeira again

On Tuesday, the representative of the Portuguese Republic in Madeira, Ireneu Barreto formally invited Miguel Albuquerque to form a government. It will be the XV Regional Government and the XIV legislature.

A few moments later, already in his capacity as President-designate of the Regional Government, Albuquerque told journalists that he hopes that the other parties, with the exception of the PS and JPP, do not “align with socialism” to overthrow the government.

Elections bring uncertainty

On Sunday's regional election, the center-right PSD got the most votes and won 19 seats, missing out on an absolute majority by five mandates, which requires 24 elected representatives, given that the regional parliament has 47 seats.

The socialists PS won 11 seats, the center-left JPP 9, Chega 4, the liberals IL 1 and greens PAN 1.

Following days of negotiations, the PSD then reached a parliamentary agreement with the right-wing CDS-PP, which elected two deputies - still short of a majority. However, the president-designate believes that, despite the fact that the regional government is a minority, it will have the stability to fulfil the legislature.

He also argued that his status as a defendant in the case investigating suspected corruption in Madeira will not have an impact on the new executive.

Although on Monday the PS and JPP announced an agreement to create an alternative government, the representative of the Republic, Ireneu Barreto, decided, after hearing the seven parties with parliamentary seats, to appoint the Social Democrat to form the government today.

Some context

The early elections in Madeira took place eight months after the previous regional legislative elections, after the President of the Republic dissolved the Madeiran parliament following the political crisis triggered in January when Albuquerque was indicted in a corruption probe.

The new parliament will take office on 5 June. Although this is the 15th Regional Government, the 14th Legislature will begin, since the first one had two executives.

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