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Far-right's attack motivates song - listen here

Singer-songwriter Benjamim published a new song on social media inspired by the attack on a man by supporters of the far-right Ergue-te party during a campaign event on Almirante Reis Avenue in Lisbon.

"A while ago I saw this sad news, which comes in the wake of the circus that we've been watching recently in our Assembly of the Republic, and I started writing a crude, badly sung song that I recorded in a hurry because I couldn't stand the anger I felt when I saw these images," he wrote on Instagram.

The song in question is entitled 'Liberdade de Expressão' (Freedom of Expression) and, according to the musician, "it's just an outburst on a Tuesday afternoon in Lisbon". In 'Liberdade de Expressão', you can hear lines like "Racism isn't freedom / Machismo isn't freedom / Transphobia isn't freedom / That's just bad argumentation / A bad ballroom dance / But we don't dance oppression".

"These 50 years since 25 April are getting tougher and tougher," he said.

What happened

One person was assaulted on Monday during a campaign by the Ergue-te party on Avenida Almirante Reis in Lisbon.

According to CNN Portugal, the attackers were identified with symbols of the party and the Habeas Corpus group, led by former judge Rui Fonseca e Castro, who now heads the far-right party's list for the European elections.

Rui Fonseca e Castro didn't take part in the attacks, but was at the scene, the national headquarters of the Left Bloc, when a man was beaten by party supporters.

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