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Friday Briefing: April Flowers, May Houses?

Good morning and welcome to PORTUGAL DECODED. It’s the morning after the revolution's 50th anniversary and we're coming to you with a time-tested sobering pill: house prices.

Labour Day Celebrations in Lisbon on May 1st, 1974 | Gilles Peress (Magnum)


Portuguese political parties revealed their lead candidates to the EU elections. The ruling centre-right AD picked wild card Sebastião Bugalho, a 28-year-old Twitter darling with no professional experience besides political commentary (More).
Has President Marcelo lost it? That’s the question on the minds of many after he said that former PM António Costa is “slow” due to his “oriental origins” and current PM Montenegro “has rural behaviours.” He also said that Portugal needs to “pay the costs” of slavery and other colonial-era crimes (More).


The Pedro Nunes Secondary School in Lisbon has threatened to block students from taking their national exams if they show up “wearing beachwear, namely swimming trunks, flip-flops, shorts that are too short and tops with too much cleavage” (More).
The executive director of the National Health Service (SNS) has resigned, together with his team, claiming that he does not want to be an obstacle to the new Government. He had assumed the role on January 1, 2023 (More).


On the first quarter of 2024, the jobless rate in Portugal had its biggest jump since the pandemic height. The three most affected sectors are real estate, hospitality and the footwear industry (More).
Porto’s oldest grocery store, Mercearia do Bolhão, will shut down on April 30 to make way for a store belonging to the Spanish Ale-Hop chain (More).


FC Porto’s supporters will go to the polls on Saturday to elect their President for the 2024-2028 period. The club’s most disputed election in four decades will take place a day before the club hosts Sporting CP at Porto’s Estádio do Dragão (More).
Artist Bordallo II covered the grave of former dictator António Salazar, with a giant "anti-fascist" medicine box. The box has 50 pills: one for each year since the Revolution - or one for each of far-right Chega’s MPs (More).


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Sequeira: the Final Studies

Portuguese master Domingos Sequeira has been on the news lately over a mysterious permission for one of its paintings to leave the country and be sold in the international art market. If you’re curious to see his work up close, the National Ancient Art Museum has on display four preparatory drawings made in Rome. After the painter’s death, these drawings remained in the possession of his family, who, in a moment of need, pawned them to the ‘Mount of Piety’ in Rome, from which they were recovered, in 1859, by the Marquis of Sousa Holstein, son of the Duke of Palmela. After the marquis’ death, in 1878, the four drawings were acquired from the heirs by the Academia de Belas Artes, from where they were transferred to this Museum.

Rosé Days Portugal

The International Boutique Wine & Music Festival Rosé Days event series comes to Lisbon’s enchanting Gala Cricri (at Palácio Do Grilo) on Saturday May 11, 2024 for the inaugural Rosé Days Portugal. A one-day boutique wine and music festival that brings together an exceptional blend of the finest international and local Rosé wines and other pink-inspired drinks, gourmet food pairings, and a specially curated music line-up. General admission tickets are priced at 15 euros and are available to purchase via Shotgun. Luxury VIP booth and experience packages are also available for groups of up to 8 people, offering priority access, comfy lounge seating, private waiter service, 3 liters of rosé wine and a picnic food plater.


Over the last ten years, Mário Cruz, a two time World Press Photo Winner, whose work has been published by the New York Times, has regularly photographed buildings, factories and schools in Lisbon that have in common the fact that they are vacant. In the year 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, which enshrined the right to housing in the Constitution, the results from this project will go on display in an exhibition named Roof. The exhibition, which is free to enter, opens on Saturday 27 at the Antigo Recolhimento das Merceeiras, in the heart of Lisbon, and will remain there until June 9.


Objects by Architects II

The second edition of the "Objects by Architects" exhibition opened to the public on April 19, at the Luis Ferreira Alves Space at Casa da Arquitetura. The exhibition brings together a set of objects that demonstrate the best that architectural talent has to offer when placed at the service of the various dimensions of mundane life, creating objects of worship and desire, such as furniture, graphic work, lighting, among others. More than 50 pieces of different types make up the exhibition, which will be open until 12 May. Free entrance.


Nikias Skapinakis: Delacroix at 25 Abril in Athens (1975)

More than just a celebration, this exhibition at Serralves Museum aims to investigate tensions, contradictions, and paradoxical movements that marked the periods immediately prior to and after the Revolution. The exhibition, which spans the period from 1970 to 1977, records how the art world reflected the experiences and feelings that accompanied the revolutionary process, mixed between utopian enthusiasm and muted apprehension. The exhibition includes over 300 works, spanning media as varied as painting, sculpture, photography, film, engraving, installation, posters and the publishing of books and magazines. Until October 20.


People’s Festival - Leiria

In Leiria, the Carnation Revolution’s celebrations will continue until Sunday, April 28. On Friday night, from 9.30pm, Festa do Povo will feature the group Magma + (music from the 70s). Later, rocker Samuel Úria joins the Leiria Jazz Orchestra for an unique show featuring some of his songs interspersed with reinterpretations of themes associated with Zeca Afonso, Sérgio Godinho, José Mário Branco and Fernando Tordo.. On Saturday, Inês Apenas sings Zeca Afonso. On Sunday, in addition to the Indians of Meia Praia, in Marachão, at 3pm, and the Kroll Band, which closes the People's Festival at 5pm in Largo do Papa Paulo VI, there will also be a performance of "Freedom, Libertad, Liberté, Liberdade!" by the Alcobaça Symphonic Band, at 6pm, in the João D'Oliva Monteiro Cineteatre, in Alcobaça. Free.

Lloyd Cole

From today, the English musician will be touring Portugal in acoustic mode, with "a personal selection of songs that have made up his career since the Commotions". Cole has built up a significant discography with 12 solo albums, the most recent of which, On Pain, was released a few months ago, in addition to those he made with the Rattlesnakes at the start of his career. These albums are full of intelligent, biting songs about the big questions in life: love and falling out of love, anguish and the passing of time, pain and longing, redemption and dreams. Songs touched by a refined sense of humour and an unparalleled poetic vein that his audiences never tire of applauding.

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