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President Zelensky in Portugal

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, visited Portugal for the first time on Tuesday and met with the Portuguese Head of State, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and the Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro.

They signed a cooperation and security 10 year agreement under Portugal committed to provide Kyiv military support of at least 126 million euros in 2024, including financial and in-kind contributions.

This agreement, signed in São Bento between the Portuguese Prime Minister and the Ukrainian President, highlights that "Portugal will contribute additional military support to Ukraine, including that to be agreed within the framework of the European Union, NATO, and other relevant international entities".

In his statement after signing the agreement, the Ukrainian President said that the understanding is not only worth the amounts involved but its potential over a decade.

"This does not mean that the war will last ten years", he noted, which highlights the characteristic of the agreement as "a strategic partnership, which talks about reconstruction, humanitarian aid, medicine, rehabilitation".

The Ukrainian leader pointed out that the understanding covers all areas of cooperation between Lisbon and Kyiv, highlighting the military sector and Portugal's collaboration in training for the operation of North American F-16 combat aircraft.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting with Prime Minister Luís Montenegro, Zelensky expressed gratitude for the Portuguese people's support for Ukrainians and their families, stating that it will never be forgotten and will constitute "a strong basis for the future relationship" between Portugal and Ukraine.

Portuguese diplomatic effort

In addition to the agreement, the Prime Minister also emphasised that Portugal is maintaining a diplomatic effort in favour of Ukraine, namely with the Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP). Several countries, such as São Tomé and Príncipe and Angola, have recently signed collaboration agreements with Russia.

‘Portugal has been a committed player in all the forums where we have this capacity, in the EU, in NATO, in the United Nations and in the countries with which we have more intense affectionate, diplomatic relations. The Portuguese-speaking countries are, of course, those that belong to the latter group. And I spoke to President Zelensky about everything we've been doing in Portugal so that, in dialogue with these countries, we can mobilise them to help Ukraine, both politically and in the future of Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction process.’

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