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RTP Investigates Boycott of Portugal's Iolanda for Pro-Palestinian Symbols

Atualizado: 17 de mai.

RTP has asked the Eurovision organisation for a meeting to clarify the delay in publishing the video of Iolanda's performance in the final online.

While the performances of all the countries' representatives were published immediately on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, the video of the Portuguese song was only released half an hour later, after the public voting lines had closed.

On the other Eurovision social networks, the video of Portugal's performance in the semi-final was used.

The situation led many to question whether it was an intentional boycott, since in the final performance Iolanda wore nails painted with colours and symbols alluding to Palestine. In addition, the singer shouted "peace will prevail" at the end of the song.

Nicolau Fernando Ramos dos Santos, president of the board of directors of Radiotelevisão Portuguesa RTP, asserts that the television network lacks evidence of a possible “boycott” against Portugal during the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 grand final.

Nevertheless, they will investigate to try to understand what happened, and if they detect “discrimination,” they will lodge a formal protest with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

RTP's request for clarification is endorsed by several countries, including Spain and France, two of the so-called 'Big Five' - the countries that make the biggest financial contribution to the organisation of Eurovision.

RTP has also asked the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for clarification on what happened, but has so far received no response.

In any case, the president of RTP affirms that this delay did not harm Iolanda, highlighting that the artist received the highest score from the juries of Croatia, France, and the United Kingdom. However, the televote result was more discreet with only 13 points.

Ultimately, Iolanda with “Grito” reached the 10th place with 152 points.

Other Controversies

During Portugal’s voting moment, Mimicat, spokesperson and representative of the country in Livepool 2023, began with a message for peace: “We want everyone to seek love and peace. Let’s not forget it. I would say this is the most important thing tonight and always in this world and in this life.”

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