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What CHEGA wants?

In his closing speech at Chega's 6th National Convention André Ventura made clear he wants to lead the right and maybe even the country. How far will it go?

The 6th National Convention of CHEGA took place last weekend in Viana do Castelo with the election of the party’s bodies, changes to the its statutes and a passionate speech by André Ventura, who was re-elected party president with 98,9% of the vote.

Two months away from the March legislative elections, Ventura said that, in the next parliamentary term, he wants to reverse the Nationality Law and the extinction of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

The Chega President also promised to recover the teachers’ frozen careers within the next four years, claiming that the party has to “be that voice” because the PS and PSD are no longer.

If invited to take part of government, he garanteed that there won't be a single pension below the national minimum wage within the next six years: “We're not going back on pensions, I know they're fed up with being fooled by the PS and PSD. The elderly don't believe it either,” said Ventura.

Established in 2019, the far-right Chega emerged as Portugal's third-largest parliamentary force, winning around 7% share of the vote in the 2022 election. Recent polls showed popular support for Chega could now grow to 16.3%.

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