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Winners of the 2024 Sardine Drawing Competition announced

The big winners of the 2024 Sardine Drawing Competition at Festas de Lisboa were announced this week.

The five sardine designs were created by women, aged between 17 and 42, with four of them being Portuguese and one from the Netherlands.

Like last year, the winning sardines of the 14th edition were chosen through voting by EGEAC workers, which promotes the competition.

One has carnations, to mark the 50th anniversary of April 25th, another book, the basis of knowledge and imagination, another olive oil, a caricature of rising prices, one represents a varina, selling fresh sardines, and finally, from the Netherlands, there is cheese, a specialty enjoyed all over the world.

The national creations were designed by artists from Lisbon, Massamá, Montijo, and Rio Tinto, who will now receive a prize worth 1,500 euros.

This year, 1,823 people from 63 countries competed, submitting 3,582 proposals.

Learn more about each of the designs and their creators at:

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