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Book on "Identity and Family" sparks new cultural war

Former PM Pedro Passos Coelho (left) and Chega-leader André Ventura (right) at the launch of "Identity and Family" book

On Monday night, former PSD PM Pedro Passos Coelho presented a book in Lisbon, titled "Identity and Family", which was written by 22 conservative right-wing personalities - against various "initiatives" that have "damaged the Family institution".

The texts take a stand against "initiatives" that have "damaged the family institution" such as euthanasia, abortion, gender "ideology" or gay marriage.

"We cannot underestimate the adversaries of the family, sometimes more in the open, sometimes in a more subtle and larval way, but no less dissolving," reads the introduction.

The "adversaries" of the family are "public schools", "radical and media-driven positions" and "so-called gender ideology".

"There are phrases (in the book) that are very worrying for a generation of women who don't want to go backwards, but want to move forwards," said afterwards journalist Catarina Marques Rodrigues.

"They say that women have never complained, as if there had never been gender inequality, as there is now. They never actively complained until a few years ago - because if they did, they would be raped or even killed."

The event was attended by the leaders of Chega, André Ventura, and CDS-PP, Nuno Melo, who is also the Minister of Defence.

The initiative was organised by the Ethical Action Movement (MAE) - coordinated by António Bagão Félix, Victor Gil, Pedro Afonso and Paulo Otero - and was attended by several personalities from the conservative right.

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