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Five-bedroom penthouses at Pulse in Lisbon selling for 4.25 million

24 hours after the 40 million euro investment by Sonae's property arm in a luxury residential complex in the capital was announced, Pulse Lisboa, already has all the one-bedroom apartments have been booked. Most of its two-bedroom apartments have also been booked, with the cheapest costing 805 thousand euros, while the cheapest three-bedroom apartment goes for 1.31 million and the most expensive 1.85 million euros.

The complex is the result of conversion of the former São João de Deus office building and shopping gallery, next to the Instituto Superior Técnico, Pulse Lisboa's 39 residential units will be spread over 14 floors and with areas ranging from 58 to 272 square metres, with 27 flats ranging from T1 to T6 triplex and eight townhouses divided between T2 duplex and T3 triplex.

The complex includes a five-bedroom apartment with 279 square metres for sale for 4.25 million euros.

Among other features, Pulse Lisboa will offer a range of exclusive services and facilities, such as an indoor pool, spa, gym, coworking space, private garden terraces, concierge service and a private garden common to the entire development.

According to the promoters, "Pulse is in a prime location between Marquês de Pombal and Campo Pequeno. Discover Avenidas Novas, an eclectic neighbourhood that blends history with modernity. A location with wide avenues and imposing buildings, which values the urban ambience and dynamism of everyday life, but also provides the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful green spaces in the company of family and friends.

With a contemporary and elegant architecture, it offers a comfort and unique wellness. The communal spaces include a generous outdoor private patio, in addition to other amenities, which make this a project of excellence. All materials and details are thought to detail to highlight the urban life and luminosity of Lisbon."

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