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High school bans "excessive cleavage" and "short" shorts

Pedro Nunes Secondary School in Lisbon

The Pedro Nunes Secondary School in Lisbon has threatened to prevent students from taking their national exams if they are not dressed "appropriately". In an email sent to parents, they also asked students to avoid "wearing beachwear, namely swimming trunks, flip-flops, shorts that are too short and tops with too much cleavage".

The notices were sent to the Parents' Association last Friday and then forwarded to each of the parents, according to the newspaper.

The message is signed by the principal Maria do Rosário Andorinha, who told the Público newspaper that the warnings came about due to warnings about the clothes worn by students.

“Many girls, many students, come to school wearing practically just a kind of top, only covering their breasts and shorts below the waist. And this is not appropriate for being in a classroom”, she said.

“There are tops that only cover the breasts and little else. Other people may also not feel comfortable, there are other students who may feel uncomfortable”, she added, also arguing that this is not “a leisure space”, but “a public institution”.

The principal also argued that “everyone wears what they want and what they feel like, in all colours and styles, but there is a minimum set out in the internal regulations”. However, according to Público, the internal regulations, available online, do not establish any rules on the warnings given.

The newspaper also writes that the email has been criticised by some parents.

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