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Portugal's dams at 89% capacity

After a year marked almost entirely by very low water levels, recent storms have once again filled the reservoirs, some very close to the limit. 

According to the latest weekly bulletin from the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), Portugal's water reservoirs are at an average of 89% of capacity, with the total volume stored increasing by 2.6% compared to previous week.

Of the reservoirs monitored, 70% have water availability greater than 80% of the total volume and 5% have less than 40% of the total volume.

56 basins had a capacity between 81% and 100%, 14 between 61% and 80%, one between 51% and 60%, five between 41% and 50%, three between 21% and 40%, and one (Arade dam in the Algarve) with less than 20% of their capacity.

Water storage levels at the end of March 2024, per basin, are higher than the average storage levels for the month of March (1990/91* to 2022/23), except for the AVE, MIRA, ARADE, RIBEIRAS DO BARLAVENTO and RIBEIRAS DO SOTAVENTO basis.

The full report is available here.

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