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Portuguese Elections 101

Atualizado: 15 de mar.

More than 10.8 million voters elected 230 MPs in the Portuguese Parliament, the Government and the next Prime Minister.

Photo by Francisco de Frias on Unsplash

Why were there general elections now?

The current legislature, which should have come to an end in 2026, was interrupted following the resignation of the Prime Minister, António Costa, on November 7, after it was made public that he was the target of a judicial inquiry opened by the Public Ministry at the Supreme Court of Justice from Operation Influencer.

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, immediately accepted the prime minister's resignation and two days later announced to the country the dissolution of parliament and the call for early legislative elections for March 10.

How many electoral districts does Portugal have?

There are 230 Members of the Parliament, elected in Party's lists in 22 constituencies, corresponding to the 18 continental districts, 2 autonomous regions, one constituency for the Portuguese living abroad in Europe and the last one for the Portuguese living abroad in the rest of the world.

Each constituency elects a number of MPs proportional to its registered voters number, ranging from the 48 MPs in Lisbon to the 2 in Portalegre.

Who is allowed to vote?

Citizens of Portuguese nationality, over 18 years of age, and "Brazilian citizens, resident in Portugal, with a citizen card or identity card (with equal political rights status)" can vote, as long as they are registered in the census on the CNE on its website.

Young people who turn 18 on election day can also vote, says the CNE.

Who are the main candidates?

Name: Pedro Nuno Santos

Age: 46 years old

Origin: São João da Madeira

Political Party: Socialist Party

Political spectrum: Center-left

Name: Luís Montenegro

Age: 51 years old

Origin: Porto

Political Party: Social-Democratic Party (running for Democratic Alliance, AD)

Political spectrum: Center-right

Name: André Ventura

Age: 41 years old

Origin: Sintra

Political Party: CHEGA

Political spectrum: Far-right

Name: Rui Rocha

Age: 54 years old

Origin: Lobito, Portuguese Angola

Political Party: Liberal Initiative

Political spectrum: Liberals

Name: Mariana Mortágua

Age: 37 years old

Origin: Beja

Political Party: BE

Political spectrum: Far-left

Name: Rui Tavares

Age: 51 years old

Origin: Lisbon

Political Party: Livre

Political spectrum: Ecosocialist

Name: Paulo Raimundo

Age: 47 years old

Origin: Cascais

Political Party: CDU

Political spectrum: Far-left

Name: Inês Sousa Real

Age: 43 years old

Origin: Lisbon

Political Party: PAN

Political spectrum: Greens

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