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Singer Nancy Vieira presents new album

Atualizado: 28 de mar.

Considered by many to be one of Cesária Évora’s main heirs, Nancy Vieira is one of the most renowned artists to explore Cape Verde’s immense musical heritage. In this new work, Nancy suggests new paths, breaking away from the usual forms of production, which are very much centred on the ideas of a single producer.

Gente is produced by Amélia Muge, José Martins and Nancy Vieira, and is based on the development of an exchange of ideas between musicians of various nationalities, genres, ages and feelings.

"The most special thing about this album was bringing together so many people - hence the album's title - who are part of my life and my life in music," the singer, who was born in Guinea-Bissau but moved to Cabo Verde when she was a few months old, told Lusa.

'Gente' is to be released on the 15th, one week after a show at Lisbon's São Luiz Municipal Theatre featuring the collective Acácia Maior, Amélia Muge, António Zambujo, Fogo Fogo, Fred Martins, Mário Lúcio, Miroca Paris, Paulo Flores and Remna.

After the first single "Sol Di Nha Vida" by Mário Lúcio, the new track was released last Friday and is a return to Vieira's origins, that is, a song in Guinea-Bissau Creole.

"I'm a Cabo Verdean born in Guinea-Bissau," Vieira recalled. "I was born in Bissau and when I was four months old I went to Cabo Verde, which is my country, the country of my family, of my roots. I've always kept in touch with Guinea-Bissau, very much through its music, its culture, which is brought by Bissau-Guineans from the diaspora."

The desire to record a song from Guinea-Bissau has now come true, with the help of this "great representative of music" from Guinea-Bissau, Remna, the son of composer and poet José Carlos Schwarz, with whom he performs the song "Singa".

"I venture into this Creole, which is also mine, although I don't master it," Vieira said. "It's close to the Creole of the island of Santiago, but it's a beautiful Creole, especially when sung."

Vieira's new album has as its main producer Amélia Muge, with whom she also sings a song.

The other novelty is the Creole fado she sings with António Zambujo, featuring Chullage, a Portuguese rapper who is the son of Cabo Verdean parents.

"This song is a big novelty on the disc," Vieira said. "I'm venturing to sing a fado, which is a different kind of fado" in Creole.

The singer said that she decided to switch gears and present the concert before the release of the album, after a six-year hiatus since her last album 'Manhã Florida' was released in 2018.



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