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Siza Vieira's imposing viewpoint is ready

At 30 metres high, on a rocky escarpment in Oleiros, it is the architect's first project of its kind. It officially opens on 25 April.

Amongst hundreds of works and projects, Álvaro Siza Vieira has done almost everything. The key word here is almost, because the experienced architect had never signed off on the design of a viewpoint until today.

The Zebro Viewpoint, in the Moradal mountain range in Oleiros, has been completely rebuilt and it was the architect's honour to reimagine it. The work is complete and the inauguration is scheduled for Thursday, April 25.

The new reinforced concrete platform installed 30 metres above the ground, and 150 metres above a valley, is set into the existing rock. It is located in the Naturtejo Geopark and is a crossing point for several international routes and trails.

The 15 metre diameter circular structure has two glass lenses that allow you to see the massif and represented an investment of around 573 thousand euros. Of this amount, around 415,000 euros came from the support of EU funds through the Centro2020 programme.

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